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Rentals-Access Everything Here

This page will give you easy access to our rental information while we continue to improve our website.

We have several different types of bikes, plus snowshoes available, by the day, or by the week. Our rental platform will guide you through the booking. After you choose the type of bike, you will be prompted for start date and duration. Number and sizes of bikes. You will be presented with some add-ons that we have available. If you need anything else, or you are having trouble navigating the system, please feel free to call or write and we will get you set up. Ph 902-567-1909 or email to:

Below are direct links to our booking platform and links to the different types of bikes we rent. Nothing is carved in stone. If you make a mistake, or forget something, just let us know and we can fix it manually. All online payments are handled by a specialized, third party payment processor. We do not see your personal information, other than name, email address, and an approximate location.

Here is the direct link to our rental platform. Below that, we have links to information about the different types of bikes and prices, to help guide your choice.

Here are the direct links to information about each type of bike we rent. This will help you choose what you want. At the bottom of each page is the link to book that style of bike. At the bottom of this page is the direct link to book any of the following. You can only book one style at a time. If your group wants two different styles, simply create two separate bookings.

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