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*Sell your bike here*

Lots of people ask us if we take trade-ins on bikes. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the space to handle used bikes. So, we thought we’d try giving you a place to buy and sell used bikes.


For now, we are going to provide this space only to people who buy their bike from us. If you bought a new bike from us and need to get rid of your old one, send us the details and a few pics and we’ll post it up in our Used Equipment Section.


Send the details, description, asking price, contact info, pics and weblinks to


You can list a bike you bought from us in the past, or if you bought a bike from us recently, you can list bikes you bought elsewhere.


We will not give any warranty or value on bikes listed for sale. These listings are for personal use only. Take all normal precautions whether you are buying or selling.


Not sure whether you should keep your old bike? Here are two formulas to determine how many bikes you should own.

Bikes=N + 1

(N=The number of bikes you own now)


Bikes=S – 1

(S=The number of bikes that would cause separation from your partner)

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2011 CB Classic This Weekend Aug 27-28

Expanded three-part race set for this weekend 


For Immediate Release – August 24, 2011


Up to 100 of the fastest cyclists in Nova Scotia are expected to compete for top honours and big cash prizes this weekend at the expanded Cape Breton Classic Road Race.


Hosted by the Framework Racing Team, the third annual Cape Breton Classic is the only cycling race held in Cape Breton for semi-pro, elite and intermediate skilled riders that is sanctioned by Bicycle Nova Scotia.


This year, for the first time ever, the Classic will expand into the streets of Sydney and include a former steel site when it opens its two-day, three stage event on Saturday, Aug. 26.


The first two stages this Saturday will involve a 9 km Time Trial where each rider will leave at a staggered time, starting at 1 p.m., near the Sydport Industrial Park. Those who rank the fastest will have a slight advantage when they enter the second stage which begins at 4 p.m., at the former Sydney Steel site.


After a night of rest, the third stage and final stage will be held Sunday and will involve up to 115 km of racing on roads over gruelling hills surrounding the Barachois Mountain, near Georges River.  “We decided to expand the race this year in hopes of growing the sport of cycling in Cape Breton,” said Framework Racing president Bill Goldston. “Cyclists in Cape Breton are really lucky as we ride some of the toughest and most beautiful roads in the province so we’re hoping others will come out to enjoy them too and hopefully help expand the tourist season.” It’s the first time ever in the 100 year history of Sysco that a sporting event of this calibre has been held on ground where hot steel once poured into rails.


Following on the heels of the successful Blue Rodeo concert, the paved roads surrounding a new track and lighted tennis court provides an ideal course for the second stage “crit” or Criterium as its known in the cycling world. Racers will start together elbow-to-elbow to complete up to 25 laps of that 1.2 km city block at Sysco and for those standing on the side lines will see the top cyclists vying for top spot at speeds which average more than 40 km/per hour.


“We’re really excited to be part of the action involving so many of the province’s top athletes,” said Harbourside Park president Gary Campbell who has been involved in the provincially-lead cleanup for more than two decades. “It’s a nice milestone to see and those who decide to take in the action in Sydney will have a great vantage point to see all the race action no matter where they stand on that block.”
Now called Harbourside Park, the former Sysco site has been transforming into a green site in recent years as part of the $400 million cleanup effort announced by the province of Nova Scotia and government of Canada in the early 2000s.


Unique to Bicycle Nova Scotia’s 2011 season, this three part race Cape Breton Classic is expected to be one of the highlights featuring some of the best including Framework Racing’s own Ambrose Delaney who chopped up the summer race circuit in North America in fine style, placing in the top 10 at international events including the America’s Cup in Quebec last month where he won the final stage.


Combined times of the three stages will produce overall winners in six divisions including those for women, youth and men. Like other races in Bicycle Nova Scotia’s season this summer, participants will be classified by their ability, or sex. Participants must be licensed which can be obtained at registration.


Race details, maps and information can be seen online at


For further information, please contact Bill Goldston at (902) 561-0451 or 567-1909.


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2011 Green Mountain Stage Race-Stage 1

For immediate release:

The Green Mountain Stage Race is going ahead almost as planned this weekend, even though the area was ravaged by hurricane Irene earlier this week. For the second year in a row, FrameWork Racing is being represented by Ambrose Delaney of Sydney. This year he races in the mens 50+ division. After a great weekend last week racing in his home town, against strong athletes in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, Delaney moves to the international standard Masters 50+ category, racing against athletes closer to his own age. Some of the best riders from all over the US and Canada attend this event, to test their skills in the Appalachian Mountains.

This famous annual road race is 4 stages, started Saturday, September 2, with a 9 km individual time trial. Stage 2 is a 102km circuit race with a high powered sprint finish. Stage 3 is a 123km leg busting road race ending with a brutal mountain top finish. The 4th and final stage on September 5, is the fast and furious Burlington Criterium, which is 25 laps of a twisty 1km course on closed streets in the downtown core.

The results of stage 1 have been posted. After the short 9km time trial. Ambrose sits only 30 seconds back of the leader in 5th place, riding his Specialized S-Works Tarmac. It should be noted that the individual time trial is Delaney’s weakest event. The best is yet to come for him. In this position, he is in a great spot to make up time in the massive mountain passes in stage 3, where his strong climbing and experience will take over.

To compare his results from last year, in the younger 40+ division, Delaney was 34th after the time trial, 1:36 behind the leader. After 4 stages, he climbed his way to 19th overall, in his first attempt at this event.

Stay tuned…


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2011 Green Mountain Stage Race-Stage 2

FrameWork Racing Team Logo - Colour.jpg

For immediate release

Day two at the Green Mountain Stage Race started in Hinesburg, Vermont. FrameWork Racing team leader, Ambrose Delaney of Sydney is racing for the top of the podium in his second attempt at this grueling race. Here is a rundown of where he stands after the first two stages.


After the stage 1 time trial, Delaney was only 33 seconds behind the leader, solidly in fifth place. Day 2 brought a mixed bag of results after an exciting afternoon of racing. In the overall competition, which is comprised of total time, minus time bonuses, Delaney is now tied for 5th overall, 34 seconds behind the leader, with the 4 leaders from stage 1 still in front. The first five riders across the line today earned time bonuses, allowing one rider to pull into a tie with Delaney after he scored fifth place on the stage earning a 3 second time bonus. Delaney was 8th on the stage, finishing in the lead pack and receiving the same time as the stage winner and 13 other riders out of the 35 who started.


The 50 year old Sydney resident, turned himself inside out today, scoring 8 points in the King of the Mountains competition, to sit solidly in second place in the “race within the race.” Points are given to the first 3 riders to cross the highest mountains both in the middle of the stage and at the finish, during the second and third stages of this annual Labour Day weekend event.


After several years out of the racing circuit, Delaney has spent the last three years racing mainly in the Bicycle Nova Scotia road race series, and training over 10,000 kilometers per year, including countless hours in the mountains of the Cabot Trail plus hundreds of hours indoors either alone or with friends and teammates. His biggest test will come Sunday with his favourite stage. Almost 100 kilometers of racing on hilly roads with some pavement washed out by last week’s hurricane Irene and a significant dirt road section after which the climbing specialists, make their move in the Appalachian Gap. The Appalachian Gap is Vermont’s highest 4-season maintained roadway. Racers will start the first of two climbs known as the “Baby Gap”. Baby Gap will take racers through Jerusalem and a brief but fast descent as the course rolls onto the base of App. Gap proper. This final section is only 5K, but it twists and turns and climbs very steeply in sections. As racers approach the last pitch, the canopy of trees opens up and the top of the Gap comes into view less than 1K away. The final 500m will take racers up one of the steepest pitches of the day (20% in places). This final pitch will be lined with hundreds of cheering spectators to help racers push to the finish.


After winning a similar stage in Quebec earlier this year against extremely strong competition, Delaney will not be holding anything back in his attempt to win this race and move to the top of the heap in the 50+ division.




Bill Goldston
FrameWork Racing
Sydney, NS


Pictured below is a copy of the photo finish printout showing the first 6 athletes across the line in the 50+ division. The stage 2 winner was #510 Tyler Munroe, 2nd place is #528 Tim Dodd, 3rd #522 Haluk Sarci, 4th #518 Keith Davies, 5th #503 Rick Sorenson, and 6th #500 Kevin Fitzmaurice. Delaney was 2 bikes behind the photo. 14 riders crossed the line in this leading pack, all receiving the same time, with the first five receiving time bonuses toward their overall position.

GMSR 2011-Stage 2.jpg

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2011 Green Mountain Stage Race-Stage 3

For immediate release


Day 3 at the Green Mountain Stage Race in Vermont Sunday, September 4 was the Champion System Mad River Road Race. This is a day the climbers come out and put time into their opponents. With only the Criterium remaining on Monday, this was the last chance for athletes to improve or solidify their positions.


The original course was drastically altered after Tropical Storm Irene devastated much of the area. Race director Gary Kessler was forced to adjust the route at the last minute instead of canceling the event. With over 700 riders coming from throughout the US and Canada, the economical impact the the local area is worth over 1.5 million dollars and everyone in the area agreed the race must go on.


Even though stage 3 was 30 kilometers shorter than originally planned, a very difficult dirt road section, followed by the big mountain passes at the end remained. The final climb of the day pitches up to 20%, several degrees steeper than the steepest roads on the Cabot Trail. Sydney, Nova Scotia’s Ambrose Delaney is racing in the 50+ division, representing FrameWork Racing. The big winner on the day was Stage 1 winner Kevin Mosher, who extended his lead to 58 seconds over his nearest competitor. Delaney finished the day in 7th place, 2:15 behind Mosher. With combined times, time bonuses and time penalties assessed, Delaney is 6th overall, 2:48 behind the leader.


In the King of the Mountains competition, Delaney took second overall with 15 points and all of the climbs behind him. The King of the Mountains in the 50+ division is Haluk Sarci with 22 points. Sarci scored first on three of the four climbs, while Delaney took second on same three climbs.


With only one stage remaining, The Burlington Criterium, there is not much opportunity to make up time on opponents but there could be a shakeup in the standings after what is normally a very fast race that can cause problems for riders who aren’t paying close attention. Stage races are not normally won on the strength of a criterium finish, but they can be easily lost in a moment of inattention.


There are two other athletes representing the Maritimes at the Green Mountain Stage Race. Halifax star Kaarin Tae, racing for Bicycles Plus Cycling Club, who competes in the men’s B division in Nova Scotia, moves to the challenging women’s 1/2 division in races outside Nova Scotia. Tae sits in 24th place after three stages. Prince Edward Island speedster, Cory Jay racing for Craftsman Construction, is in 36th place out of the 87 that remain in the Men’s 2 division, which is only one step away from the Men’s Pro/1 division. Jay raced to glory on Saturday’s Stage 2 circuit race beating 92 strong athletes in a massive sprint to the finish line.



Watch for the final race report after the Burlington Criterium, and hopefully some quotes from the Maritime contingent.

Bill Goldston

FrameWork Racing


Pictured below. Stream from the photo finish camera at the mens 2 stage 2 race. Prince Edward Island’s Cory Jay raises an arm in victory in a massive sprint to the finish after almost 100 kilometers of racing.

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2011 Green Mountain Stage Race-Stage 4

The final stage results have been posted at the Green Mountain Stage Race. Several categories had their races cancelled today due to nasty weather in the Burlington, Vermont area. Stage 4 was held in the downtown area on streets with very tight turns, which can make for very dangerous conditions in bad weather.


Half of the 10 scheduled races did manage to finish before the organizers called an early end to the Burlington Criterium. In the men’s 50+ category, stage 2 winner Tyler Munroe pulled away from the pack finishing 51 seconds ahead of the main field for his second victory of the weekend. Sydney’s Ambrose Delaney hung in with the main field finishing 7th in the final stage of the biggest Pro/Am road race east of the Mississippi.


In the overall competition, Tyler Munroe ended the weekend at the top of the 50+ heap 1:04 ahead Kevin Mosher, the winner of stages 1 and 3. Kevin Fitzmaurice used strong climbing in stage 3 to overcome a 1 minute deficit in the time trial, picking up 3rd place overall. Ambrose Delaney held his own throughout the competition finishing 6th overall, 3:12 behind the winner.


For a climbing specialist like Delaney, stage 3 is where he tried to make his move. “I broke away from the pack at about 75 kilometers in I think,” said Delaney after almost 100 kilometers of racing in stage 3. “I had a minute lead by myself for quite awhile. About 10 guys ended up catching me close to the end so I tried to hold on and stay with that pack but since I was worn out from riding alone in a break for so long I didn’t have enough energy to finish as well as I hoped when it came to the end. I took a gamble breaking away by myself and it almost paid off but that’s racing and I’m still happy with my finish.”


This is the second year in a row Delaney has joined over 700 other athletes at the Green Mountain Stage Race. Last year, Delaney was 19th overall in the 40+ division. Delaney also scored 15 points taking second place in the “King of the Mountains” competition, a race within the race that awards points to the first 5 racers across specific mountain passes during the competition.


Other notables. Kaarin Tae of Herring Cove was 24th out of 30 in the women’s 1/2 category, the highest level women’s category at the race. Cory Jay of PEI was 36th overall out of 93 athletes in the men’s 2 category. Jay’s crowning moment came in stage 2 when he was first across the line by more than a bike length in a massive sprint to the finish.




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2012 Green Mountain Stage Race


Three of the four stages of the Green Mountain Stage Race are in the books for 2012. Ambrose Delaney, 51, who race for FrameWork Racing, Sydney has been tackling this Vermont race for the last couple of years. Delaney competes in the Masters 50+ category.


After the opening time trial, Delaney was 11th, only 1:01 off the lead. He readily admits that TT is not his strong suit, but he has spent a lot of time and money making it better.


Stage 2 is a tough circuit race totaling about 85km with some decent climbing that suits Delaney quite well. He stated before he left that he was going to attack right from the start and try to shake things up. In the end he was 9th, in a pack of 39 others, all who got in with the same time 1:21 behind the stage winner. That would have been a massive sprint for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place, all of whom get time bonuses.


Sunday was stage 3, the “Big Daddy” stage up the ultimate climb of App Gap which reaches up over 20% gradient in the last two kilometers. With his wife, Cathy, cheering him up the last climb, and his name chalked into the road, he finished the stage on the podium in 3rd place only 35 seconds behind the winner Kevin Mosher, and only 16 seconds out of second place. To compare, he finished the same stage last year in 7th place, 2:15 behind the Kevin Mosher, who also won the stage last year. That is an incredible result against some of the toughest competition in North America.


With only the Criterium remaining on Monday, Delaney was in 8th place overall, 1:39 behind the leader, Kevin Mosher. He was only 36 seconds behind 3rd overall. Anyone who saw last weekend’s Sysco Crit, which is the 2nd stage of the Cape Breton Classic, will know that a lot can happen on a flat criterium course with lots of tight turns.  There was a minor shakeup in the standings after the Burlington Criterium on Labour Day. Delaney finished with the leaders and moved up to 7th place overall, still 1:39 behind the leader.


Other notes.  Ambrose Delaney tied for 4th overall in the King of the Mountains competition with the 8 points he earned on Sunday’s 2 big climbs. Overall second place finisher in the 50+ category, Tom Officer, is actually listed as 60+. A few athletes who were at the Cape Breton Classic last week also raced in Vermont this weekend. Senna Bryden, who races in the B category in Nova Scotia, raced in the Junior division in Vermont. From the A category, Dennis Cottreau, who was 2nd overall in Cape Breton, and won the Sysco Crit, and Andrew L’Esperance, winner of the Cape Breton Classic Road Race, both competed in the Mens Pro/1 division in Vermont. Tyler D’Arcy, overall winner of the B Category in Cape Breton, competed in the Mens 3 division.


All results can be seen here: