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10 Step Ride Checklist




Pre Ride Checklist

  1. Pressurize Tires
  2. Wheels Centred
  3. Quick Releases Locked
  4. Spin Your Wheels
  5. Saddle Tight and Straight
  6. Rear Derailleur Straight
  7. Accessories Secure and Aligned
  8. Drop Test
  9. Test Brakes and Gears
  10. Take Off


Post Ride Checklist

  1. Clean off dirt and wipe down.
  2. Visual test. (paint chips, broken or loose parts)
  3. Spin Your Wheels and check for:
    1. Warps
    2. Bearing noise.
    3. Brake pad wear and alignment
    4. Tire wear and damage.
  4. Check rotating parts for play:
    1. Hubs
    2. Cassette
    3. Pedals
    4. Bottom Bracket
    5. Head
  5. Check suspension if applicable.
  6. Check Cables.
  7. Lube Chain.
  8. Drop Test.
  9. Repair or make notes of problems.
  10. Replace consumables  (patches, tubes, CO2, band-aids)


1 thought on “10 Step Ride Checklist

  1. Great tips Bill. Should keep us riding without complications or interruptions. See you on the road.

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