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Do It Yourself

A lot of people want to repair their own bikes for a variety of reasons. Save money, satisfaction, pride, timeliness.

At FremeWork Cycle & Fitness, we support this 100%. The biggest hurdle is the cost of tools that you might only use once or twice a year or less. There is a solution to that. We have teamed up with several communities to help make “Do it Yourself” a possibility. Right now, the Cape Breton Regional Library has tool kits and repair manuals available to borrow. This kit has most of the gear you will need to adjust or replace parts on your bike. We can sell you all the parts you need, and you can use the library tool kit to replace cranksets, bottom brackets, freewheels, cassettes, tires, and pedals, adjust your gears and brakes. Pretty much anything you want to do. Check it out now, literally. CBRL Bike Tool Kit

Coming soon…Outdoor Repair Stations. Both CBRM and Victoria County have purchased Part Tool Trail Head Work Stations that will be available soon. These stations allow you to ride or walk up 24 hours a day. Hang your bike from the sturdy support and use a good selection of attached tools to repair and adjust your bike, “On the fly!” Watch for these to be installed in Downtown Baddeck and Downtown Glace Bay as well as other locations in CBRM and Victoria County.

PLEASE: Know your limitations. We support self repair, but we want it done carefully and safely. Read the manuals. For the most trustworthy advice on the internet, the number one source is (choose “Fix It”) or go to the manufacturer of the part you are replacing. When you reach your limit, you can always bring it to us and avoid the grease, and mess, and frustration.

To help out along the way, we will be offering repair clinics at various times and locations throughout the year. Let us know if you want to learn something special, and we will try to organize a clinic to help everyone out.

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