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Fat Bike Rental

Fat bike rental – $45 per day or $100 per weekend (Friday-Monday)

Quantities are limited.  
FAQ:  I made a mistake on my booking, or I need to make a change. Can that be fixed? Of course. We’ve been doing this a long time, but the booking system is new and may have a few glitches. If you make a mistake, or need to make a change, or add anything, or something doesn’t seem right,  just let us know. We are always accessible by email and generally respond the same day or within 24 hours. Feel free to complete the booking and we will tweak it for you, or contact us in advance and we’ll let you know if we have what you need. The link to our email is at the bottom of this page.
Can we pickup/dropoff the bikes in other areas? Delivery to and from Baddeck and other areas can be arranged. We will add that feature to our online booking program shortly. In the meantime, please contact us directly for information about delivery. What if our trip starts/ends on Sunday or a holiday? Even though we are closed on Sundays, it is possible for multi day rentals to arrange a pickup or dropoff to allow your plans to go exactly the way you want.
Please contact us directly for further information. How do I get more info? To inquire about bike rentals email us at

Fat Bike

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GVC Snowshoes

Price $149.99. January Special $99.

This is the perfect blend of economy and quality. Great for beginners or as a spare set for your friends.

Comes with a carry bag. Wide selection of sizes.


Add a pair of high quality 3 section poles with camlock easy adjustment.

Regular 49.99. Special Deal 39.99


GVC Snowshoes



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10 Step Ride Checklist




Pre Ride Checklist

  1. Pressurize Tires
  2. Wheels Centred
  3. Quick Releases Locked
  4. Spin Your Wheels
  5. Saddle Tight and Straight
  6. Rear Derailleur Straight
  7. Accessories Secure and Aligned
  8. Drop Test
  9. Test Brakes and Gears
  10. Take Off


Post Ride Checklist

  1. Clean off dirt and wipe down.
  2. Visual test. (paint chips, broken or loose parts)
  3. Spin Your Wheels and check for:
    1. Warps
    2. Bearing noise.
    3. Brake pad wear and alignment
    4. Tire wear and damage.
  4. Check rotating parts for play:
    1. Hubs
    2. Cassette
    3. Pedals
    4. Bottom Bracket
    5. Head
  5. Check suspension if applicable.
  6. Check Cables.
  7. Lube Chain.
  8. Drop Test.
  9. Repair or make notes of problems.
  10. Replace consumables  (patches, tubes, CO2, band-aids)


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Financing-No Interest 1 Year or NIP 6 Months (Your Choice)

No Interest/No Fees Financing is available at FrameWork Cycle & Fitness:

And we have negotiated an added bonus just for you. Absolutely no application fee, no setup fee, no admin fee. With our sale prices, these deals can’t be beat. Just pay for what you buy!

Now for a limited time. Your choice! Apply online.

Zero interest for 1 year*

Zero Interest and Zero Payments for 6 months*

*$500 minimum On approved credit

For your convenience, you can apply for a pre-approval so you will know your limit before you start shopping.


The application is the simplest ever and the response will be extremely quick and totally private.


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Dumbbell Set 5-50

Retail Value over $1500. Our Price Only $999.

Product Description

Develop strength, power, and train your core while also shaping and toning your body with the Northern Lights 550Lbs Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set and 2 Tier Horizontal Dumbbell Rack Combo.

This Combo set will help tone muscle groups and improve core strength by enhancing traditional aerobic exercises and fitness routines with a variety of dumbbells. It features a total of 550lbs of weight ranging from 5lb – 50lb pairs of dumbbells (10 total pairs) and the new NLDB412 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack, making it the perfect set to get you started on your fitness routine.

The Northern Lights 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack is designed to organize your dumbbell weights used during cardiovascular and/or strength training workouts. It features two 4′ 1/2′ foot  dumbbell tray holders with 2cm thick rubber inserts, is constructed out of of steel and is Made in Canada.

Rubber Hex Dumbbells are ideal for a variety of exercise at home, at the gym or on the go. The wide variety of included dumbbells will always allow to push your workout to the next level. They feature hexagonal shaped heads that stop dumbbells from rolling away and a rubber coating that helps to protect your floor and equipment. The Rubber Hex Dumbbells also feature exceptional grip and comfort with their contoured grip handles and triple style knurlings.

This set is perfect for anyone looking to start using dumbbells in their exercise routines, or anyone looking to expand their exercise equipment. Take advantage of this low-priced package and get started on your fitness routine today!

Dumbbell Set

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Heavy/Speed Bag Platform Kit

Regular Total Price $579.96. Our Price $400.

You get the total package. No need to wall or ceiling mount and destroy your gym. This freestanding system includes a Northern Lights heavy bag platform with speed bag adapter. It comes with a Round One 70lb vinyl bag, a 9″ Petra speed bag and a pair of 12 ounce Petra bag gloves.

You can punch your way to fitness.


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Spirit XT285 Treadmill

Price $2399. Our Price Only $2099

There are several key areas that define a well-designed treadmill, and the XT285 offers each of them. The XT285 comes equipped with a comfortable 20” x 60” belt and cushioning system, powerful 3.0HP drive motor, durable and stable frame, straightforward console and programming, and eye catching aesthetics. All of these features are important in building a quality treadmill that will retain its value for many years.

 Check out this awesome warranty


Frame, Motor, Deck:            Lifetime

Parts:                                   10 Years

Labour:                                  1 Year


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Spirit XT185 Treadmill

Regular Price $1999. Our Price Only $1799

Checkout this warranty!

Frame, Motor, Deck = Lifetime

Parts = 5 Years

Labour = 1 Year

Key Features

Console: A 7.5” blue backlit LCD screen that conveniently displays 9 pieces of data at a time to keep you motivated.

Quick Speed and Incline Keys: The ability to quickly program a specific incline or speed with just a few key strikes.

Heart Rate Monitoring: Contact heart rate monitoring makes your workouts more effective.

Deck/Motor: Spacious 20″ x 55″ workout area with powerful 2.75HP motor.

Comfort: Adjustable cooling fan for added comfort.

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Garneau F-16 Music

Regular Price $255. (Only 2 left) Clearance $191.25


Do you remember your first bike? Surely! Our first connection with the ride is always something special. That’s why we made sure every detail was focused on security and fun. Learning to ride a bicycle should be a joyful experience and we’re committed to helping the next generations of cyclists get rolling! Every component was selected to provide more control, security and confidence to riders.


garneau f-16