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Abilities Categories

A couple years ago Bicycle Nova Scotia introduced the “abilities” based categories. We’ve had a few requests from athletes who aren’t quite sure where to slot themselves. Women have the option of racing in “F” for female, or in any of the four abilities based categories. You can move up to a more difficult category at anytime during the season. If you want to move down, you need permission from the VP-Road prior to the race.


Here is a pretty good explanation of where you should race:


Ability-Based Categories

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Photos from the 2011 CB Classic

Some photos and a video are trickling in for the 2011 CB Classic. Here are some selections…

This week’s episode of The Pedaling Prince’s Podium is a video montage of clips from The Cape Breton Classic Criterium; I thought you might enjoy it:

Courtesy of John A. Ardelli
Producer, The Pedaling Prince’s Podium

Video Montage of the Criterium

Courtesy of Tera Camus

Tera’s Photos

Courtesy of Corey Deveaux.

Corey’s Shots from the TT

Courtesy of Brianne Steinman

Brianne’s Shots from Stage 1 and 2

Brianne’s Shots from Stage 2 and 3 and awards

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Photos from the 2013 CB Classic

Framework Racing 2





Photos were the prize of the day. Every athlete in this year’s event was presented with an 8 X 10 print of a personalized  action shot taken by Tera Camus. Her photos were taken at the time trial on day one, manipulated for printing, printed, identified for every rider and given out after the race on Sunday.  Sounds simple enough, but it’s a long day of work and the athletes appreciated our personal touch.

Here are some other photos taken at the 2013 Cape Breton Classic. If you have some you want to share, let us know and we’ll add them here.


Photos courtesy of Jarret Gosbee and Tera Camus

Jarret’s Photos

 Tera’s Photos