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You can use this to arrange any specific service you want. Use the notes to tell us everything you need. When you submit this work order, it will go on the waiting list right away, which will mean a faster turn around time when you bring in your bike.

NOTE: If you want a complete tuneup, go here. Get Tuned

The fee charged here is a base fee to get us started. Your repair may be more or less than the original charge. We will apply your base fee to the final bill and either refund the difference if applicable, or we will give you options to pay the difference either online or in store when you pickup your bike.

If there are specific items such as tires, lights, bells, mirrors, you can select them from our inventory and add them directly to your cart. Any labour charges for installations will be added when the service is completed.

Please contact us directly if you need specific pricing for service and installation. Normally, we know what those charges will be, although in certain circumstances, it is impossible to know until we can see the bike in person.


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