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Northern Lights RD915 Spin Bike


Shift your training into gear, with the Northern Lights IC-RD915W Indoor Group Cycle.  The bike features a rigid v-shaped frame and a comfortable user-tested design that allows for a top quality ride experience. The smooth spinning action and easy to adjust resistance mechanism will help you tone muscle, burn calories and build up the workout mileage you desire with ease.  Bring one of the ultimate fat burning workouts right into the comfort of your workout room and start your training today.

MSRP $1799. Our price only $1400

Easy and Secure Adjustments

The Northern Lights IC-RD915W cycle features a large overall adjustment range that allow users to find the appropriate fit for their cycling.

When riding any cycle, it is very important to keep in mind the position of your handlebars to maximize your workout. Cyclists should keep in mind what is called the fore-aft position. This is the correct positioning of the seat relative to the pedals and handlebars. If this placement is incorrect, riders can become very uncomfortable and muscles can become stressed. To avoid this problem, micro fore/aft adjustments and pop pin adjustments allow users to set the seat and handle bar relative to height and body type.


Find Your Resistance

The Northern Lights IC-RD915W cycle feature a precision resistance brake lever allows riders to gauge resistance and watts.  Adjustments can be made with a throttle designed adjuster to allow better resistance control. The smooth spinning action and easy to adjust resistance mechanism will help you tone muscle, burn calories and build up the workout mileage you desire with ease.


Watt Based Training on an Easy-To-Read LCD Console
What is Watt Training?

Watts are the power that you produce when training.  It is an efficient and accurate way to measure your workouts. Using watt based training can also significantly enhance your heart rate workout information. For many cyclists, varying factors like heat, fatigue, environment and diet can all affect your heart rate. This causes heart rate sensor data to vary depending on your routine. Since watts measures the power you generate as you pedal and is not affected by outside conditions, it is the most objective way to measure your performance and compare your results. Why watt training? See below.


Smooth Riding

The magnetic eddy current brake system offers a cleaner, more maintenance-free user experience. It is perfect for users who are looking to increase their athletic ability and endurance and want the smoothest ride experience on the market.  The flyhweel is also protected with slim, yet durable shell.

Why Train with Watts?

Using watt based training information will help you stay motivated to maintain and reach your target workout goals. They can also help pace your workout efforts. This is done by monitoring your watts input to stay within your target zone.  This type of training will increase your endurance and speed, while helping to improve your cardiovascular and physical performance.

A watts based training program can also help you burn calories and lose weight. When you monitor and record watts, you get the most accurate measurement of calories burned during your workout regimen.  Using this information, you can plan your calories to burn depending on your personal goals. Paired with the  Air Force Dual-Action Upright Bike , the combination of a watt based console and the dynamic resistance of the air bike, you can reach your goals and feel your best!


  • Ergonomically designed handlebar and seat are both micro-adjustable, horizontally and vertically
  • Rubber coated handle bars for a more comfortable grip
  • ECB magnetic resistance system
  • 33 lb Flywheel
  • Dual-sided SPD pedals
  • Throttle style stop hand brake and resistance adjuster
  • Dual Bottle holder



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