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*Sell your bike here*

Lots of people ask us if we take trade-ins on bikes. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the space to handle used bikes. So, we thought we’d try giving you a place to buy and sell used bikes.


For now, we are going to provide this space only to people who buy their bike from us. If you bought a new bike from us and need to get rid of your old one, send us the details and a few pics and we’ll post it up in our Used Equipment Section.


Send the details, description, asking price, contact info, pics and weblinks to


You can list a bike you bought from us in the past, or if you bought a bike from us recently, you can list bikes you bought elsewhere.


We will not give any warranty or value on bikes listed for sale. These listings are for personal use only. Take all normal precautions whether you are buying or selling.


Not sure whether you should keep your old bike? Here are two formulas to determine how many bikes you should own.

Bikes=N + 1

(N=The number of bikes you own now)


Bikes=S – 1

(S=The number of bikes that would cause separation from your partner)