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Important Notice To Maintain Your Discount

Discounts Make You Happy!

Canada has new anti-spam regulations that require us to have your express consent to continue to send you our eNewsletter.


If you are a current subscriber, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount off most parts, accessories and clothing. Discounts increase to 15% for a year after you buy a bike!


To continue to receive your discount, you must update your profile in our email listing, which will allow us to send you emails with relevant information, sales, special member deals and all things cycling and fitness related. These newsletters range from 1 per week to 1 per month. Optional ride notices are much shorter messages and will be sent whenever we here about an upcoming impromptu group ride. You only need to subscribe to the eNewsletter to continue receiving your discounts.


If you do not give us your express consent, we may be required to remove your email from our list, resulting in a loss of your discount.


Update your profile here. Please make sure to check “I Consent”   Signup/Update Profile


For more information, please read your latest eMail from us and follow the directions. Here is a copy.


You may unsubscribe at any time.


For more information, contact us at


Thanks for being our guest,


Bill Goldston

General Manager