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Dumbbell Set 5-50

Retail Value over $1500. Our Price Only $999.

Product Description

Develop strength, power, and train your core while also shaping and toning your body with the Northern Lights 550Lbs Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set and 2 Tier Horizontal Dumbbell Rack Combo.

This Combo set will help tone muscle groups and improve core strength by enhancing traditional aerobic exercises and fitness routines with a variety of dumbbells. It features a total of 550lbs of weight ranging from 5lb – 50lb pairs of dumbbells (10 total pairs) and the new NLDB412 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack, making it the perfect set to get you started on your fitness routine.

The Northern Lights 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack is designed to organize your dumbbell weights used during cardiovascular and/or strength training workouts. It features two 4′ 1/2′ foot  dumbbell tray holders with 2cm thick rubber inserts, is constructed out of of steel and is Made in Canada.

Rubber Hex Dumbbells are ideal for a variety of exercise at home, at the gym or on the go. The wide variety of included dumbbells will always allow to push your workout to the next level. They feature hexagonal shaped heads that stop dumbbells from rolling away and a rubber coating that helps to protect your floor and equipment. The Rubber Hex Dumbbells also feature exceptional grip and comfort with their contoured grip handles and triple style knurlings.

This set is perfect for anyone looking to start using dumbbells in their exercise routines, or anyone looking to expand their exercise equipment. Take advantage of this low-priced package and get started on your fitness routine today!

Dumbbell Set

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Northern Lights Commercial Smith Machine C872

MSRP $3649.99. Our Price $2388.

Special Deal. 1 Only $1800

Product Description

The Smith Machine offers an array of exercises for anyone looking for a complete and balanced workout.  The Northern Light’s Smith Machine features 8 height positions and a rotating bar that easily fits into the slots. The dual safety stops allow users to lift independently and enjoy a safe and secure workout. The counterweighted lifting arm reduces starting weight to 14 lbs. The Smith Machine is constructed from heavy-duty 11 gauge tubing for maximum durability and measure 89″ in height. The footprint size comes in at 86″ (W) x 57″ (L).

Because the Smith machine works on a fixed plane of motion, it allows users to isolate muscle groups that they feel need to be improved on.  Doing so can create better muscle balance by targeting any muscle group that the user feels is under developed. With proper form and alignment, the Smith machine is less taxing on the joints than traditional free weights. Using a Smith Machine can also help improve form while enjoying a safe and secure workout.

nl smith


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Northern Lights Folding Power Rack


Imagine a power rack that is designed to take as little space as possible, while offering the ultimate in sturdiness. The Northern Lights Folding Power Rack combines both of these concepts to make a design that folds away when not in use and offers a sturdy and rigid frame. Using the 2″x3″ Crossbox posts, the Folding Power Rack can be customized to a variety of heights to match your needs.  Using Crossbox posts and the associated hole spacing means you can attach almost all of the Crossbox pieces allowing for endless possibilities of exercises.  The unit measure 22″ x 108″ x 47″.

Basic package includes:

Folding Kit: Regular price $349.99

2 X Heavy Duty Uprights either 90″ or 108″: Regular price $199.00

1 Pair of J-Hook Bar Holders: Regular price 49.99

Total package: $545 plus tax.


Folding flat/incline/decline bench: Regular $269. Our price only $199.88

300lb Olympic weight set: Regular price $594.47. Our price only $350.

Northern Lights Olympic Plate Tree: Regular price $119.99 Our Price Only $89.88

Lots of other accessories and customizable solutions.



When put away, the Folding Power Rack takes up less than 5” of space from the wall, meaning you can have a top tier power rack in your garage or home gym without sacrificing space. Simple fold away the unit to the wall and enjoy the extra floor space for other activities.


(1) Northern Lights CrossBox Folding Power Rack Kit

The Folding Power Rack kit offers the ultimate in customizability.  Because the kit attaches to any of the crossbox upright posts, users can get the height they want by having the ability to choose the upright post* height that best suits them.  This makes the kit perfect for spaces of varying height and different user preference.


(2) CrossBox Upright 90″ or 108″ w/ floor pad

CrossBox rigs are designed from the ground up using the Northern Lights upright posts. Measuring 2″ x 3″ x 90″ (or 108″) with a 7″ x 5″ foot panel, this post is perfect for garage gyms, studios and even commercial applications. The Northern Lights CrossBox rigs are completely modular and can be designed to fit your needs. Get started on designing your personalized rig today.



The Northern Lights CrossBox J-hooks are a solid choice for use with any Northern Lights CrossBox rig. The j-hooks make changing exercises or adding weights quicker and easier. They are heavy duty and fit securely in place so you can focus on your workout without having to worry about hook slippage or movement.




  • 11-gauge steel
  • Easy to install design
  • Perfect for garage gyms where space is valuable
  • Easy sliding feet
  • Locking pin system for safety during exercises
  • Total Dimensions: 22″(L)  x 90″ (H)  x 47″ (W)



* PLEASE NOTE: Bars, plates and accessories sold separately..

Important: The Northern Lights CrossBox Folding Power Rack Kit should only be mounted into solid wood studs or concrete. Metal studs or drywall are NOT recommended for this set-up.

**Wall mounting hardware not included

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Olympic Plate Set

Complete set only: $440.00

Separately $714.46


Perfect starter set for weightlifting. Serious lifters use Olympic style plates. This set is a total weight of 300 pounds. Including:

2 X 2.5lb, 4 X 5lb, 2 X 10lb, 2 X 25lb, 2 X 35lb, 2 X 45lb, 1 X 7′ barbell weighing 45lb, 2 X spring collars and an awesome Northern Lights Olympic plate tree.