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Bikes Now Available For Pre-Order

Bikes in 2021 are in such great demand that the supply chain is almost completely wiped out. What does that mean? Normally, we would have almost our entire inventory of bikes on hand by now, ready to sell for the upcoming season. But, the backlog in the industry has put those bikes so far behind schedule, some models will not arrive for several weeks or even months. What’s worse is that the only bikes that will be available to us are the ones we currently have on order. That is the same story for virtually every bike shop in the world. We have a very large selection of bikes on order, but as those bikes sell, we will not be able to replace them. In some cases, the demand was so high that we were not able to order any bikes of certain models.

We have decided to compile a list of bikes that we know we are getting and make them available for pre-order. You can browse these bikes on our website. When you find the bike you want, you will be able to reserve it with a 25% refundable deposit. Quantities are extremely limited. The bikes available are listed under a new category in our online shop called “Bicycle Booking”

We do have other bikes on the way, but they have not been confirmed. We will update our website as more bikes become available.

Fill out the form attached to the bike you want, and we will reserve it for you with a 25% deposit. We will send you several options to pay the deposit online through our secure payment platform, by PayPal. or in-person with cash, cheque, credit card, or even gift cards. If you change your mind before the bike arrives, we will refund your deposit 100%. Unfortunately, we cannot give an accurate time of arrival at this time.

Please keep in mind that there are very few bikes available for us to order other than what is listed here. If you want a bike for 2021, now is the time to lock it down. Shop for your bike right here.