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Ambrose Takes On The World

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Ambrose Delaney is ready to set sail for Perth, Australia to take on the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.

As a well known promoter of health and wellness in Cape Breton, Ambrose had this to say before heading to Perth.

“My name is Ambrose Delaney, I am 55 years old, born and raised in Sydney, Nova Scotia. I have been cycling all my life, currently competing as a CAT A (Elite) category rider throughout the Maritimes representing FrameWork Cycle and Fitness. On May 29th, 2016 I competed in the only qualifying race in North America for the Masters 55 Plus Championship placing 2nd, only 18 seconds behind the winner, qualifying me for the 55 Plus World Championships in Perth, Australia in September 2016. After racing for many years and representing Nova Scotia at Nationals a number of times, this has been by far the biggest accomplishment in my cycling career.

Throughout my life I have always put physical activity at the top of my priority list. While raising three children with my wife Cathy we always gave them the opportunity to participate in a number of sports during their childhood years whether it be basketball, soccer, hockey, golf, hiking or cycling. In the evening or on the weekends instead of being stuck in the house we would encourage them to come out for a bike ride or hike around Cape Breton. By doing this it has instilled in them the desire and importance of living an active life and this has only been a positive impact now as grown adults how they live their own lives. Whether it be going to the gym, golf course or out for a bike ride. The impact my own lifestyle choices have had on them for encouraging to maintain an active life I hope will continue to be passed on to future generations. Even though I have achieved very high accomplishments in my cycling career I have always believed and taught that it isn’t just about what you achieve but that you enjoy whatever activity you choose to do. While raising three children I have always made sure to make time for myself to maintain active myself, making time each day to incorporate a ride or activity into my schedule.

I believe if you live a positive and active life this will only transpire to have a positive impact on those around you impacting on their own decisions and lifestyles. Over the years I have given a lot of my time volunteering in local fitness activities. This including for numerous years coaching different age groups of kids hockey teams, volunteering at local fitness events and organizing cycle events in Cape Breton.

I will use this opportunity to continue encouraging people in Cape Breton to live a positive and active life in their own daily lives. Fourteen years ago I helped form Velo Cape Breton that encouraged cyclists of all ages to be comfortable, learn about road safety and participated in rides. I volunteered countless hours with my wife in activities associated with this group. Eight years ago I became the director of FrameWork Cycling Racing Team, this allowed me to use my cycling knowledge to lead and encourage riders to participate in racing events across the Maritimes which I continue to do today. Many of the these riders have become active cyclists and have gone on to become triathletes after their involvement. In my own daily life I will continue volunteering and supporting local sport and/or fitness actives in my own community and surrounding areas.

Having the opportunity to represent not only Nova Scotia but Canada the Cycling World Championships in Perth, Australia September 4th, 2016 would be a great honour. This would give an opportunity of not only myself achieving a healthy successful life but to impact the lives of others both young and old because of my experiences.”

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  1. Great words Ambrose
    Good luck pedalling down under eh mate!

  2. Goodluck buddy. I look forward to watching and hearing all about the race.

  3. You Rock!

  4. Good luck on your race Ambrose .,stay safe

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