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Boy Scout Invasion

We had a group of boy scouts come to ride the Cabot Trail. Here’s what one of their leaders had to say…

I’m Greg H., one of the adults who was with Kevin F. when we rented bikes from you July 1st-8th.  We had inadvertently left a seat bag in the rental car that went back a day early, so I swapped you with my personal one.
We’ve located that bag, and I’ll be returning the contents to you in the mail shortly.  It also included one of the bike computers- so I wanted to let you know that we found it and you’ll get it back in hopefully just a few days.
I want to thank you again for the great gear- we found your bikes to be bullet-proof, the trip computers helpful, and everything was in great shape!  What a beautiful part of the world to bike in, we’ll never forget this trip.
Editor’s note- Scouts are so honest.