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Murray snags bronze

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Cape Breton was represented this weekend at the Providence Cyclo-Cross Festival in Rhode Island. FrameWork Racing Team’s, Daniel Murray of Dingwall, raced to a podium finish on day 2, picking up the bronze medal in the Category 4 Men’s division. There were over 900 athletes from all over North America, racing at this event. Categories range from junior 10-14 year olds up to the Elite Pro Men and Women.

Cyclo-Cross is a relatively new sport in the cycling world where athletes use specially designed race bikes to compete on dirt track courses that have obstacles and other challenges throughout the course. Races are relatively short, usually 30 to 45 minutes of flat out action around a narrow winding track of dirt, mud, fences and stairs. Cyclo-Cross is a highly visual event perfect for spectators and designed to fill the gap between the end of the road race season and the beginning of the winter sports season. The Providence Cyclo-Cross Festival draws 3000 spectators per day for the 2-day event. For more information on this event goto