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Killington Stage Race-Stage 3 Update






The final report from Ambrose Delaney at the Killington Stage Race.

“Just finished the big daddy of a stage race. I had a terrific day finishing 7th on the stage which had a unbelievable climb up to the top of the Killington Ski Resort. I placed 8th overall which I was really really pleased with. The field of riders here is so strong, to place this high is very satisfying considering I don’t have a team. To sum up, the first stage I placed 28th in a down hill field sprint going in excess of 70kms. I didn’t want to contest the sprint, just wanted to played it safe and kept out of trouble. My time trial was very good placing 15th overall which surprised even myself. Including today’s amazing stage, I’m so pleased with how everything went.”


Thanks for listening everybody.

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Killington Stage Race-Stage 2 Update






We just received an unofficial update from Ambrose. Once again, the official results are not posted for stage 2 yet, but here is a quote from Ambrose.

“Just finished the time trial race and placed 15th which is super because that is not my specialty. I’m about 1 minute and 20 second down on the leader which is not that much because tomorrow is the big daddy of a race. I’m excited and ready to go.”

Ok, so to explain the situation, after turning 50 in March, Ambrose is racing in the 50 to 59 category with over 50 other athletes in the same category. When Ambrose talks about his specialty, those of us who know him sometimes wonder what he’s talking about because very few of us can come anywhere close to him no matter what kind of race it is. In a major open event like the Killington Stage Race, it’s a different story.

Stage 1 favoured the sprinters with a relatively flat circuit and a very fast sprint finish. He was leading part of that stage on the last lap along with his friend and rival Scott Clark, but they were eventually caught by the pack. His strategy was to finish with the sprinters and not lose any time. There are time bonuses for the first few places, so he started the TT only 12 seconds behind the leader.

The TT is a slightly uphill grind, less than 20 km. He’s been working hard on the time trial, but he knows all of his efforts are just to stay close, so he has a good chance when the race goes uphill on stage 3.

Some of those ahead of him are going to be TT specialists and when it comes to the “big daddy” they are going to get dropped by the elite climbers. The climbs are very difficult, one of them is on a dirt road, but the finish is up a ski hill road with a grade of 22%. The steepest part of North Mountain on the Cabot Trail is about 16%. The elite climbers are going to take over and Ambrose’s plan is to stay with them as long as he can, and hopefully he will feel good near the finish and make a run for it. His goal was top 10, but he will not ride for 10th place. Ambrose is going to push for the win with everything he has. If the other guys are better, they are going to have to work for it.

Race Results

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Killington Stage Race-Stage 1 Update





The official results are not in yet, but Ambrose sent an email update on his status after Stage 1.


From: Ambrose Delaney
Date: Sat, 28 May 2011 14:15:06 -0300
“Finished to race today with the bunch sprint finish in the pack where I wanted to be. The lap before the finish Scott Clark and myself got away from the pack for about 15km. The pack caught us with about 8km left to go. On the last King of the Mountain I came first so I got 5 points so I was pleased with that. I’m in a the position where I thought I would be so I’m glad with that. The time trial is tomorrow which is not my specialty so I have to limit my loses and just ride steady and see what happens. The BIG race will be on Monday where everything will break up for sure and real nasty climbs so I’m looking forward to that.”


For those of you not familiar with bike racing, when you finish with a group, everyone in that group gets the same time. There may be bonuses for placing, and as Ambrose pointed out, he picked up a bonus for a King of the Mountain win. So, at the moment, he is right in the mix with the leaders. He says his Time Trial is not his specialty, but he has spent the last two years tearing himself inside out to get better. He has a new time trial bike, he has his bike dialed in to fit him perfectly, and he is in the best shape I have ever seen him in. I think he might surprise himself on this one. I’ll keep you posted as I get info.

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Killington Stage Race-*Vermont 2011*











For Immediate Release – May 26, 2011


Ambrose Delaney will represent Cape Breton this weekend when he vies for top spot at the international Killington Stage Race in Vermont, USA.

Delaney, 50, a founding member of FrameWork Racing, will be among hundreds of pro and semi-pro cyclists from across North America when the three stage, three day mountainous challenge begins Saturday, May 28.

Two other rivaling cyclists in Nova Scotia – Hub Cycle’s Lorenzo Caterini and Scott Clark – will be at the start line hoping to thrash Delaney’s effort to return home with top honors.

All three Nova Scotian men recently competed in a tight race against each other at Bicycle Nova Scotia’s 2011 season opener hosted in the Annapolis Valley. Delaney, assisted by new team mate Chad Lennon, defeated the younger but talented Hub Cycle members to take second place in the top Elite A Division.

Delaney’s finish, just behind the wheels of first place winner Jamie Lamb of Halifax, who rides for the Garneau development team, was a sweet start in Nova Scotia’s cycling circuit for Delaney and new teammate Lennon who now wears the blue and gold FrameWork Racing jersey after several years with Hub Cycle of Truro. The race was also Delaney’s first since moving up the ranks this year into the toughest division open to Nova Scotia’s fastest cyclists.

Delaney is anticipating a tough but exciting race this weekend against a field of competitors many of whom he expects to be half his age.

“After racing in the elite division recently and placing second there, my confidence is definitely high,” Delaney said. “I’m an optimist. My endurance is good and I’ve been training a lot. I’m doing well and feeling pretty good so if all goes well, and I don’t get a flat or something, I hope to get within the top five or 10.”

He says experience and extensive hill training on Cape Breton’s mountains like the Cabot Trail, Barrachois Mountain and Frenchvale Mountain will give him an advantage over other racers when the mountains of Vermont have to be tackled during the “monster” race, Monday, May 30. The race is a legend among cycling enthusiasts.

Delaney spent the winter training indoors regularly with members of FrameWork Racing, before hitting the roads March 1 as snow was still flying to clock an average of 600 km a week in often unpleasant conditions.

Following the US event, Delaney will immediately travel north to prepare for his next UCI sanctioned race, the three-stage Charlevoix Grand Prix Cycliste, in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec from June 3 to 5 where hundreds of pro, semi-pro and amateur racers will compete.

For further information or to arrange interview with Delaney, contact FrameWork Racing team director Bill Goldston at 561-0451.