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Thank you for grabbing some half priced cyber cards. Your unique code numbers will be e-mailed to you shortly. This is not an automated process, so please allow a reasonable amount of time to receive your cyber cards. If you don’t receive your cards within a reasonable time (the next working day after your purchase) please contact me directly.


Your cyber cards can be used toward the purchase of anything in our store. You do not need the actual card to make your purchase. Simply provide the number on the card and your bill will be reduced by $10. PLEASE NOTE: Only one cyber card per purchase.


Please protect your card numbers. We are not responsible for the unauthorized use of cyber cards.


Due to the limited number of Half Price Cyber Cards, we allow a maximum of 10 cards per household. If you accidentally purchased more than 10 cards, you will be provided with a separate code valued at the exact excess amount.


Bill Goldston

General Manager