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Electric Motorized Bike

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Electric bike rental – $75 per day or $300 per week.

Did you ever want to ride the Cabot Trail, but don’t think you have the legs. Does your partner ride just a little too fast for you? Time to think about an electric assist. We don’t think you should coast around the trail, but it’s certainly OK to get a little help from a friend. This bike will power you up the biggest mountains and help drive you through the Southwest winds that are so popular around here.


Recharge is very fast, so you can hit a coffee shop when your battery starts to get low. Plug in the battery, and by the time you have finished refueling yourself, your bike will be refreshed as well.

eVox < City520

Energize your Ride

eVox is an electric bike like no other.

Try it, you will be amazed.

• Lightweight and well-balanced
• Comfortable seat
• Extremely stable ride
• Mecanical disc brake with motor kill-switch
• Rear/ front fender
• Rear carrier
• Choice of 4 colors
• Weight of 54 lbs (with battery)

Electric Motorized Bike


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